9 Home Design and New Home Trends of 2017

The worlds of design, architecture and real estate are constantly evolving, and so are homebuyers’ wants and needs. If you are in the market for a new home, here are some of the top home design and new construction home trends of 2017.

home trends

Open floor plans and natural light

According to a survey of industry experts by FIXR, open floor plans are the No. 1 home trends  in 2017 and have been for several years. An open floor plan means fewer hallways, and wasted rooms leading to more natural light and usable space, such as a kitchen that opens to the den or dining areas.

In an article about the FIXR survey, George Bradley, American Institute of Architects, said people looking for a home in 2017 want a “clear, concise plan with effective adjacencies, maximizing light and air.”

Home office space

According to Global Workplace Analytics, work-from-home time by those not self-employed has grown by 103 percent since 2005 and is expected to grow at a rate of 10 to 20 percent a year. Reflecting this growing trend of remote work, it should be of no surprise that industry experts say a flexible home office space is one of the most popular “special function” rooms requested in 2017. Because technology tools have become smaller and more portable, there is less of a need for the dedicated, separate office space of the baby boomer era. Instead, experts say people want built-ins and furnishings in open spaces that can serve dual purposes.

Walk-in showers

Bathtubs are out and big showers are in, reports MarketWatch Editor Amy Hoak. For many buyers, preferences are shifting from a combination shower and tub to a larger walk-in shower with multiple heads, more elbow room and ease of use with age.

More play space

As many baby boomers choose to delay retirement and millennials seek greater work/life balance, they want a home to be a refuge where they can play and unwind. That could mean a putting green, sauna, pool, pizza oven or even bocce court in the backyard, or even play areas inside. Experts say they’re seeing designers and homebuilders accommodate these requests as more homebuyers are searching for such amenities.


Energy-efficient home design landed in the top five trends of FIXR’s survey of industry experts. As energy costs increase, a RealtorMag article reports people are looking for ways to save, including less-costly surface upgrades or passive energy-efficiency efforts like natural light, solar energy, water conservation, and recycled or reclaimed building materials. Another popular trend in energy-efficient home design is an electric car charging station.

Smart home design

It’s 2017, and not surprisingly, people want to be able to automate their home and control their heat, doorbell, window blinds, appliances and more from their smartphones. From home security to cleaning and lighting, smart home design is trending in 2017.


After several years of gray leading the pack, Sherwin-Williams has named “Poised Taupe” as its 2017 Color of the Year. Taupe is gray’s weathered, woodsy cousin — just a little warmer and cozier. For interiors, think walls, ceilings, kitchen cabinets, furnishings and moldings and for exteriors, try roofs, doors, window frames and surrounding landscapes in this popular, trending shade.

Neighborhood/community spaces

With more and more time spent on social media and at work, people crave real-life connections and opportunities to interact. Experts say people in 2017 are looking for homes with easy access to neighborhood and community spaces like clubhouses with kitchens, outdoor decks with fire pits and movie screens, fitness centers with group classes, and drive-up areas for food-truck socials. Inclusive neighborhoods, such as Harmony in Westfield, are designed as a whole to enable and foster social living with an elegant and versatile clubhouse, multiple pools, acres of public greenspace, miles of trails, and more.

Walkable suburb

Walking and biking to work, shopping and entertainment have become popular in urban areas, and people want the same conveniences in the suburbs. Looking for easy ways to get in their 10,000 steps, people are looking for homes and neighborhoods in the suburbs and in walking distance to a town center or public transit. Fishers has been named #1 in Money Magazine’s Ten Best Places to Live in 2017 with its expansive opportunities and redeveloped downtown offering vast varieties of dining, entertainment, and venues.

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Karlie Brand is a freelance writer from Utah.