Making the Most of Your Estridge Design Studio Experience: Part 2

You’ve already done the prep work. You’ve gathered samples, visited your favorite model homes, and organized inspirational design photos. Now, you’re ready to start making selections!

In the beginning, this part of the homebuilding process can be overwhelming for some homeowners, but rest assured: your Design Studio expert will be there to helping you create the home of your dreams brick by brick, paint color by paint color.


So, let’s start by talking about exterior selections—one of the most exciting aspects of the Design Studio process, as you will quite literally be determining what the “face” of your new home will look like. Here are our top tips to ensure you’re prepared to make these important exterior selections:

Tip #1: Make your home be a reflection of your family

We offer selections that come in a number of styles, shapes, and colors, so that you can truly make your house your own. From the shutters to the siding colors, we want you to love every square inch, so don’t be afraid to make selections that are a direct reflection of your family’s personality.

 Tip #2: Trust your Design Studio expert

Our design professionals are highly experienced, as they’ve helped countless homeowners make selections to create the home of their dreams. Because of this, they know what looks good on various home designs, and will be able to give you their expert advice on the perfect color palette selection. They’re here to help (and know their stuff)!


Tip #3: Keep interior design in mind, too

You’ll want to have a cohesive home design—inside and out—so try and find a common thread or theme for your home from which you can draw design inspiration. Whether you’re striving to achieve a classic, eclectic, or modern design, remember to have it reflected throughout your home.


 Ready to get started?

If you’re ready to start designing, schedule your Design Studio visit here, and stay tuned to #DifferentbyDesign for part three of our Design Studio series that will focus on how to make the perfect interior design selections for your new Estridge Home.

Don’t have time to build a design a new home with Estridge? No worries! Explore our wide selection of Quick Move-In Homes today. 

Until next time,

The Estridge Homes Family