The Rise of High-Quality Communities

Advancements in community developments have changed the way we define ‘neighborhood.’ Now efficient, high-quality communities are making way for better lifestyles.high-quality amenities

Think of the times when your parents were young. Imagine the street they lived on, the treks they made to school, their driveway activities…everything in that time revolved around a key feature: neighborhood. Neighborhoods in that time were designed to fit in as many families as possible near established towns for work. However, today’s neighborhoods are not as focused on such things…but rather the high-quality amenities a community can offer.

Times have changed. Advancements in community developments have created a world our parents could not have envisioned as children. Modern society is home to some of the busiest generations of all through work, education, and 24/7 network connections. The employed spend 40+ hours stationary, looking at screens, and multi-tasking. This is why developers are creating high-quality communities; to provide a place of peace, activity, and togetherness, and Estridge is leading the way for Indiana neighborhoods.

Homeowners are more interested in master-planned neighborhoods that provide more than homes–they want a neighborhood that fits their needs and lifestyles.

Many desire access to exercise equipment and generous trails for workouts. Young families want open space, pools and recreation centers to keep children active and social. Seniors want thoughtful amenities that cater to their needs. More importantly, everyone wants to add more value to their home investment. “One needs to give opportunities for cultural, leasure, community, sport, and other activities, so that each person can enjoy what they like,” stated Roopa Mudaliar, the chief marketing officer of Vascon Engineers Ltd. Estridge couldn’t agree more, and believes there is a strong connection between the quality of community space and the well being of residents in all stages of life, which is why they have designed some of the most exquisite and engaging amenities.

Developers often look to first class resorts for inspiration where they can balance the amenities offered with low Homeowner Association costs. For example, one popular amenity is easy access to greenspace, such as parks, allowing residents to enjoy the outdoors without having to travel far. Estridge’s newest neighborhood, Harmony, has 15 acres of lush parks, trails, and gardens for its residents! Who else would provide such space for you and your family?

Water features are also popular from ponds to landscape streams to Olympic-size pools. Multi-purpose halls and game rooms are great for neighbors to host parties. Pet-focused amenities like off-leash parks (even pet-spas!) are desirable for furry family members.

These amenities reach far and beyond, being as broad and diverse as the people who live in such communities. As you look for a place to call home in Indiana, consider an Estridge community in Fishers, Westfield, Noblesville, or Zionsville. Our neighborhoods offer high-end club amenities, greenspaces, large swimming pools and fitness courts, community centers–along with superior design and curb appeal to increase your return on investment. With enhanced landscape, rich and authentic architectural details, grand inviting entryways, and carefully designed streetscapes, Estridge Homes are everlasting. Designed Different so you may Live Different.