Winter Home Maintenance Reminders

winter home maintenance reminders

Keep your home safe and durable during these colder months! We have listed out some fall and winter home maintenance reminders so you may stay warm and save money!


  • Clean and test smoke detectors. Replace batteries.
  • Check carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Check furnace filters monthly and replace them as needed – every two months at least. This will extend the life of your system and provide cleaner air for your indoor environment. Our HVAC company, TA Kaiser, will check your system this fall for a special price of $49. Contact TA Kaiser on their website for details.
  • Adjust registers and confirm cold air returns are clear of furniture or window coverings.
  • Check sump pump and back up battery for correct operation.
  • Clean sump pit by removing sediment.
  • Clean ceiling fans and reverse direction of blades to force warm air downward.
  • Check wood burning fireplace for proper flue operation.
  • In the event of extremely cold temperatures, open cabinet doors under sinks on exterior walls so warm air will keep faucets from freezing.
  • Turn off dehumidifiers.
  • Turn on humidifiers to maintain proper moisture levels for your hardwood floors- 35-40%. Air that is too dry will cause cracks in hardwood floors, drywall, wood cabinets, doors and wood trim
  • Flush water heaters to remove the sediment from our very hard central Indiana water. Hook up a garden hose to the hose bib on the bottom of the water heater and let water run into the sump pit. Just a couple of minutes will drain out most sediment. Not applicable to tankless heaters


  • Remove garden hoses from outdoor hose bibs. Drain and store hoses.
  • If you have an irrigation system, remember to shut down and winterize the system.
  • Clean gutters and downspouts. Debris can cause ice damming which damages shingles.
  • Lubricate all operable parts and springs on overhead garage doors with Teflon based lubricant.
  • Check basement window wells to ensure they are free of leaves, debris, and sediment. Top of drain should be visible.
  • Fill any cracks in concrete with a cement caulking found at any home store retailer.
  • Purchase sand to use on your driveway instead of de-icers or salts. These products will greatly reduce the life of your concrete surfaces.
  • Wash off concrete surfaces whenever possible to remove road salts tracked by your vehicles.
  • Seal garage floor and exterior concrete surfaces with an appropriate sealer to better protect and maintain. Home store retailers have products for do-it-yourself or hire a company that specializes in concrete sealing.
  • Keep overhead garage doors closed when not in use.